The Tantrāloka – Light on the Tantras and Light of the Tantras – written by the great Abhinavagupta in Kashmir around the end of the first millennium CE, is the ultimate – Anuttara – development of Trika Śaivism. Incorporating all levels and traditions of the Shaiva Tantric revelation as their final culmination, Abhinavagupta has given the world a truly astonishing and transformative teaching of non-dualist Tantra. Although the Tantrāloka is vast in its scope, Abhinavagupta helps us by presenting in chapter one the foundation and essence of his project that unfolds systematically and most wonderfully in the following thirty-six chapters. Although a thousand years have passed and we live in a very different culture, the teachings he imparts from the Tantras are as relevant here and now as then in Kashmir.

In this workshop we will learn, as we move through this chapter, how to practice its teachings and recognize our true spiritual identity in our daily life.


Tantrāloka in Munich!

The worlds most authorative Expert on the Magnus Opum of Abhinavagupta


is teaching the Essence of the first Chapter of great Tantrāloka.



Seminar and Sitar Concert

with Dr. Mark Dyczkowski


20th & 21st of May 2017

20th 7. pm Sitar Concert


Sa. 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Su. 9.00 am - 2.00 pm

Kunstraum Wild,
Amalienstraße 41
80799 Munich

Fee: 150 €


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